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Valentino Sunglasses - Useful Information About Valentino Sunglasses
By Anton Kal

A pair of Valentino sunglasses is a must for the person planning to enjoy the summer sun. Denoting taste and style, these sunglasses are made for those with the exclusive palette of the upper class. Some things in life are always disparate, such as have and have not, but these sunglasses make it possible for anyone to get a taste of the good life.

High quality materials go into creating distinctive designs and elegant looking lenses that look well placed on the runway or off of it. These high class, superior sunglasses created by Valentino are well known for their unique lines and bold lenses. Taking a card from Versace or perhaps lending one, this fashion creator repeatedly uses gradation on their lenses for that expensive look. Darker shades at the top of the lens and lighter shades at the bottom mean these lenses are suitable for most day to day excursions.

Those planning on spending a lot of time in the sun must select a darker shade in the form of Model Val 5507/S. These shades are solid black plastic frames with medium dark purple lenses. It's a half size lens making these Valentino sunglasses ideal for small featured wearers and women.

Fans of a more retro look may appreciate the classic aviator styling of Model Val 1184/S. These sunglasses hearken back to the 80s and a time with Tom Cruise was Top Gun. Men can appreciate the oversized lens and simple styling. This pair of sunglasses is easily worn on a day at work or a fishing trip with the guys.

Valentino isn't all dark colors and simple styles. Something a little more feminine can be found in the model Val 3001/S. Shades like these are all curves and smooth slopes. It's almost a retro look with the surprisingly pinstripe look running vertically along the temples and the half sized lenses. This model is available in dark violet frames with Red gradient lenses. The oval shape to the lenses gives these a more feminine appeals along with the wide temples the narrow down to the curved ends. These make the perfect pair of shades to wear in the contemporary city or at a day on the beach. Urban, classy and casual nothing says that upper class has to be ultra fussy.

Valentino Sunglasses are crated by a fashion clothing company of the same name that was founded in 1959. Its founder Valentino Garavani retired in 2008 leaving his fashion statement in the care of Alessandra Facchinetti as Creative Director.

Sunglasses are just a small part of the creation that is Valentino. Principally a maker of cutting edge clothing. The fashion house got its start in Rome, Italy and became a revelation in 1962 when their runway debut took place. Since then they've grown to one of the more popular high fashion houses and is well known for its all white collection that occasionally makes reappearances.

In 1998, Garavani and his partner Giammetti sold the company for about $300 million to HdP, a large Italian conglomerate headed in part by the head of Fiat Cars.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

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